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The Fed Has Robbed Social Security of $2.85 Trillion  ( Original )
JAN 29, 2018

That's right, the Federal Government has been robbing (they call it borrowing) social security trust since inception in 1935. Whats even worse, to pay it back the fed would have to raise payroll taxes on the very same people they stole it from.

The Federal Government currently owes the Social Security Trust Fund $2.85 Trillion Dollars. That’s $2,850,000,000,000.

Sadly, politicians in Washington couldn’t keep their hands off the money in the Social Security Trust Fund. While both parties have been quick to blame the other one for the raid of the Social Security Trust Fund, both parties have been equally to blame.

What a crying shame the government can't control its spending and on some of the worst things imaginable, no need to tell you....

"This is gross financial mismanagement. We don’t have enough trust funds with money in them to satisfy the demands put on our government.”

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Did the federal government borrow from social security?     by Dan Perrin of on 1/27/18