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Update on the SS Central America's Multi-Million Dollar Gold Shipwreck  ( Original )
MAR 2, 2018

Here is another recent show update on The SS Central America that sank in 1857, taking with it more than $100 million dollars in gold based on today's value.

The second exploration of the SS Central America shipwreck has made national news, as recovery efforts resulted in the collection of $40 million in gold bars and coins from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, where the famous steamship sank more than 150 years ago, at the height of the California Gold Rush.

Many of these gold objects were on display at the Long Beach Expo for the first time ever, giving the public a chance to see what treasure awaits as these items are expected to go on sale later this year.

CoinWeek takes you there, showing you important historic coins, many of which look exactly as they did having just been pulled out of the water. Others have been carefully and professionally restored to their original condition and now reside in custom-made PCGS coin holders.

Also shown, canvas bags called “pokes” that are filled with gold dust and a selection of important gold bars and ingots.

Project Chief Scientist Bob Evans talks to Charles Morgan about his experience working on this historic recovery effort.