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Why Silver Prices Will Move Higher for the Strategic Metal  ( Original )
JAN 22, 2018

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Silver as a Strategic Metal and Why Prices Will Soar by Jim Willie CB of on 1/20/18

Jim Willie goes deep in this piece why he feels that silver is truly an important strategic metal for now and in the future. He explains in detail here why silver prices will explode much higher. Silver should be in everyone's portfolio

The United States is fast losing control of the silver market, from a production standpoint. The US is a minor silver producer, yielding to Mexico. The US has yet another example of the paper tail wagging the dog, but where the US is no longer a major player in the silver global output. Control is shifting elsewhere, to its producers, and to precious metal advocates.

Please read the rest here;  Silver as a Strategic Metal and Why Prices Will Soar