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Gold & Silver Conspiracy Theory Now a Proven Fact | Bill Murphy

Reluctant Preppers  ( Original )
MAY 13, 2016

Published on May 9, 2016

The secrets are being forced out into the open! Bill Murphy, co-founder of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee ( a renowned crusader for investigating, exposing and prosecuting gold price manipulation, returns to ReluctantPreppers to give specific evidence that proves the fact that Western banks have been illegally conspiring to suppress the price of precious metals. Murphy also weighs in on whether or not the recent move in precious metals signals a confirmed breakout in the gold and silver markets, and gives his most-likely scenario for where metals prices are going in the coming year. Don't miss it!

In This Interview:

1) Silver Breaking Out? David Morgan observed gold best 1Q in years, but waiting for confirmation signal from silver. So do we have a silver breakout confirmation?
2) We’ve been told to watch for separation of the physical market from the paper price - is physical demand outstripping supply?
3) Manipulation failing? How can we tell?
4) For people who have been waiting, sitting on the sidelines, sitting on cash, sitting on IRAs or 401Ks or savings - are we at the last countdown before liftoff?
5) For preppers, or anyone who want to be in the right position when things go south for the main economy - and for those who aren’t prepared, what is the most realistic outlook for this year and next?
6) Ordinary people receive no education about owning gold and silver. Where can newbies find out fair gold & silver prices, and whom they can trust to buy their gold & silver from?
7) Deutsche Bank scandal - admitted to suppressing gold price and plea bargained to rat on the other conspirator banks - conspiracy "theory" just got proven as a conspiracy fact!
8) What can a person who has properly positioned themselves with physical gold and silver expect once the mainstream debt-based economy collapses?​

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