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Gold & Silver Poised To Re-Price Much Higher

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
NOV 21, 2021

On Friday we posted Part 1 of our interview with Kevin Smith & Tavi Costa of Crescat Capital, who predict that the financial markets are about to undergo a "Great Rotation".

They see capital flowing out of today's high-flying sectors and into hard assets -- especially into gold, silver and the companies that mine them.


For a long list of reasons, including:

  • spiking inflation (capital will seek PMs as protection)
  • fundamental under-valuation (Crescat says silver is the most under-priced metal on Earth)
  • technical analysis (gold is showing an extremely bullish "cup & handle" formation)
  • profitability (the miners have great cash flows)
  • mergers (a new M&A cycle is just beginning)

In this Part 2 video of our interview Kevin & Tavi, Crescat walks through a prodigious sequence of charts making a very compelling case for higher gold & silver prices ahead.

If you own or plan to own precious metals and mining stocks, this presentation is essential viewing.

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