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In Gold We Trust - New, MUST WATCH Series - Part 1 - Mike Maloney & Ronni Stoeferle

Mike Maloney & Ronni Stoeferle 
OCT 24, 2019

Great news for GoldSilver followers - Mike Maloney recently spoke with Ronni Stoeferle of the ‘In Gold We Trust’ report and had a very in-depth discussion about the global economy, gold, and investing in general. As you know, Mike Maloney loves charts, and Ronni’s team has just published a ‘Chart Book’ to accompany their extensive annual report. In this new series of videos, Mike picks out his favorite charts from this summary and dives into the data. As the series unfolds you’ll gain new insights into everything from gold production, the gold/silver ratio, mining stocks….and more. Don’t miss Part One, released today.