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Silver Soaring, Gold/Silver Ratio Now Down to 81

The GoldSilver Team 
SEP 3, 2019

Silver decisively pierced through $19 this morning.

Gold is up, too, by 1.2%, but silver has risen 3.4% as we write.

With silver’s outperformance, the gold/silver ratio has now fallen to 81.

Since the gold/silver ratio peaked at 93 in June, the silver price has jumped 30%.

We’ve shown many times that once the ratio begins to reverse it has quite a ways to fall. It hit 31 in 2011, and 17 in 1980. As many of our readers know, Mike Maloney is convinced we’ll see a repeat of the 1980 low. That implies MUCH higher silver prices.

What seems clear is that despite what a number of pundits have claimed, this rally has not been the sole result of short-covering by traders. Yes, there was a lot of buying activity as investors covered their short positions. But now that we’ve started a new month, if that was the primary market driver then we should be seeing a lot of selling and a retracement on the silver price. But that’s not happening.

This rally in silver is actually being fed by the fundamentals that have been in place for a long time. And this recent rise, could just be the beginning of something bigger.

Yes, there will be pullbacks along the way. But the outlook for silver is looking brighter today than has in recent memory.

Make sure you have the amount of silver you want for what lies ahead.