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Why Does Sell Jewelry?

The GoldSilver Team 

We get asked this question often. Despite it being a perennial best-seller here at GoldSilver — we’ve sold out of our holiday stock every year since we offered it — we still get far more questions about jewelry than anything else we carry.

The reason is simple: it’s a unique asset class, with benefits like no other. Like bullion, it's an incredibly dense store of value, easily transferred as a gift, inheritance, etc. But it’s more discreet: do you assume, more often than not, that someone is wearing cheap, mall-bought, gold-plated costume jewelry or do you assume they’re wearing the real thing?

Right. Very few people will assume you’re walking around wearing 22K or 24K gold.

But carrying a case of coins might draw more unwanted attention than you expect, through customs and beyond: Usually, when crossing international borders, you must declare to customs if you are bringing $10,000 or more in cash or cash equivalents (including gold).

Curiously, fortunately, jewelry is exempt from this rule. If you try to cross a border with $11,000 in gold bars, you could encounter significant issues and delays. But if you cross with $111,000 in gold jewelry? No problem, don't even have to mention it.

Will you ever need real gold jewelry’s quiet portability? Maybe not. But it’s nice having the option.

When gift-giving time comes around, we don’t mind splurging on real bullion jewelry. Why? Because we know we can give something beautiful, that the recipient will cherish, and that will hold its value… In case someday, heaven forbid, they need the features above...

That — a gift of inherent value for generations, an heirloom if you will — is why we carry both our own exclusive line of REAL gold jewelry, Gold Without Borders, and others like Auvere.