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Storing Your Gold [Mail-in Vault Storage]

Have metals at home you’d rather store in our secure, low-cost vaults? Or want to upgrade from a traditional ‘vault’ to our full-liquidity, online platform? We have the solution.

By popular demand, is now accepting transfers of metals into our storage program, secured in third-party vaults by the world’s most trusted names in security.

Now, metals you once had delivered to you, or stored elsewhere, can benefit from all our storage program has to offer:

  • Rapid liquidity, with the ability to sell online in a few clicks (or take delivery again, if you ever need to)
  • Peace of mind, with the added safety and security of our vault partners – including full replacement value insurance, 24/7 surveillance, armed guards, class 3 vaults, and more.

Read on for details of how the mail-in programs works, or

Contact Us to Start a Transfer

Note: The current mail-in program is limited to our Texas vault.

How Does It Work?

Our vault storage program is different. Better, we’d say, because of it’s built-in liquidity.

When you contract directly with most vaults for storage, they usually provide little value other than security. You send them metals, they accept the box -- often without ever opening it -- and put it on a shelf. It’s a glorified safe deposit box.

If you ever want to sell, you have to arrange for often complex, slow and expensive delivery from the vault.’s secure storage program is much more than just a vault. When you store with us, your metals stay within our custody network. Our network of wholesalers, mints, and refiners, who make the market for your purchases and sales, always know the provenance of metals they are buying, as we carefully control and track the source. And, they already operate within those same vaults or have regular transport from them.

This allows them to bid for your metals sight unseen and complete the sale without you lifting a finger. You sell, and our vault partners transfer everything right onto the buyer’s shelf.

This means much faster sales, instantly locked prices, and no hassle – better liquidity.

Maintaining these benefits used to mean that if you took delivery of metals, they could not be transferred back into our vaults later. That’s because our storage network is a “walled garden”, where every transaction can be traced to its source and marketplace partners could trust the product they were purchasing back without any additional verification. Nothing came in from outside the walls.

However, requests for mail-in service have been so high that we’ve made a significant investment in adding this service, together with our vault partners. We’re using new processes and equipment that allow you to send in metals which, once verified, can be stored within our vault network and enjoy the same rapid liquidity and competitive pricing provided to all of our vault storage customers.

Getting Started

Let us know where they are located, and the products/quantity you would like to move into storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mail-in metals treated exactly like “buy for storage”? Are there any compromises?

When it comes to liquidity, the metals you mail into storage are exactly the same as those you bought directly from us. Sell or take delivery any time with no difference in price or availability.

However, there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • Mail-in storage is only available in our Texas vault, operated by IDS, as the processes and equipment necessary are only in place there.
  • This also means you cannot request vault-to-vault transfers. Metals cannot be moved to international vaults or within the U.S.
  • We only offer fully allocated storage for mail-in items. Segregated is not an option at this time. This means that if you ever request delivery you will receive only an effectively similar item back, not the exact one you sent:
    • For example, if you send in a specific year American Gold Eagle coin, like a 2017, if you later request delivery you will get a Gold Eagle back but it might be a 1995 or 2020 instead. That’s because we only guarantee common date coins in allocated storage, which keeps costs down for all of our customers.
    • The same goes for condition, as we deal only in bullion-grade investments, which may have been circulated and show wear (sometimes significant). If you mail in a ‘brilliant uncirculated’ coin, you may instead get back a clearly used – but equally valuable – version if you ever take delivery.

Can I only mail in metals I bought from

We accept metals regardless of where you purchased them, so long as they meet our liquidity requirements:

  • They obviously must pass our verification tests, and
  • They must match one of the products available in our marketplace

On the product match, we do offer common category products, like a “1 oz Silver Round (Our Choice)” which we would use to classify any 1 oz silver round that didn’t match any of our named designs on future statements and for quoting sell prices.

However, if you were, for example, to send in an uncommon weight, size, or purity item we might not be able to accept it. For example, if you mailed in a 2 oz silver round, which we do not offer (as they are generally priced as collectibles, not bullion).

So, when getting started you will need to indicate the items you are sending to our customer service team, so that they can ensure the smoothest experience for you.

How do you ensure my items are accurately accounted for?

Every package you send in is opened and counted under high-definition video surveillance. The vault’s staff are highly trained to our exacting standards and are accustomed to working with small and highly valuable precious metals. You can help with that process, too, by properly packing your items.

Do you accept rare coins for storage? Like proofs or limited editions?

No. deals only in bullion. We do not accept any rare, numismatic, or other collectible items in our vaults as the network for liquidity is too small and the valuation process would require moving items out of the vault. This defeats the purpose of our vault network, and so we only accept commonly traded bullion coins, bars, and rounds.

If you do send a rare coin, we will classify it as random bullion and it will only fetch the same price as a random coin/round, so please be mindful of that when packing deliveries to the vault.

What if does not accept my item?

If for some reason we cannot accept your item into storage – most commonly because it fails one of our tests or does not match one of our marketplace items – then you can pay to have the item shipped back to you.

If you do not want the item returned for any reason (such as an item of marginal value that was accidentally included in the box), or we don’t hear back from you in a timely manner, we’ll arrange to have the items disposed of. We reserve the right to charge a disposal fee for hazardous or otherwise costly/difficult to dispose of items.