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Secure Vault Storage Pricing for Gold and Silver

One low monthly fee gets you fully allocated storage with just a $4 minimum for any vault location you choose:

Allocated Storage Fee

0.06% of asset value per month
($4 minimum)

The table below shows the fees you can expect to pay for accounts of varying size.

Keep in mind, these are account values, not based on number of ounces, and value of your stored metal fluctuates according to London Fix price (LBMA) for gold and silver.


Account Size Monthly Allocated Storage Fee
$100,000 $60
$50,000 $30
$25,000 $15
$10,000 $6
$6,666 and below $4 minimum

How do you pay fees?

We’re flexible. It’s entirely up to you how you pay. Get billed by credit card or deduct fees from your account balance or assets.

You are only charged as long as you store metal with us. Remember, you can accept delivery of your precious metals, or move them to a different vault (in our system or outside it) at any time, for only the cost of shipping and handling.

You can also sell your metals with ease without incurring any hidden fees. Every ounce you own is in the vault and can be moved, sold, or shipped to you any time.

Learn More About Private Vault Storage
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Need Segregated Storage? We Do That, Too

Are you acquiring metals through a corporation with security requirements? Or do you own a large amount of bullion and prefer additional peace of mind?

You can choose segregated storage, which gives you all the benefits of our private storage platform with dedicated space inside the vault: Your metals are separately shelved, wrapped, and marked apart. You can switch between the plans anytime you want.


Segregated Storage Pricing

Just 0.08%/month
$35/mo minimum per metal, per vault

To choose this plan, simply select segregated storage during checkout.

Open a GoldSilver Private Vault Storage Account
Questions on Storage? Call us at 888-319-8166

(Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm ET)

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