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American Silver Eagle Coin 1 oz

Purchase Price

  • 1 Troy ounce
  • Content
  • 40.6 mm
  • Diameter
  • 2.98 mm
  • Thickness
  • .999
  • Purity
  • $1.00
  • Face Value
  • $17.46 USD
  • Sellback Price

United States Silver Eagle coin advantages:

- The United States Silver Eagle Coins come in tubes of 20, and in sealed mint cases of 500.

- The Silver Eagle Coin is legal tender in the United States with a $1 face value, however the coin's intrinsic silver market value is far higher.

- Silver Eagle Coins are an extremely liquid silver investment guaranteed by the United States government.

- The Silver Eagle is .999 fine silver and acceptable for your Silver IRA or in one of Vault Storage Services we offer.

- The Silver Eagle Coin has 1 oz fine silver stamped in English on the coin and its legal tender status allows it to more easily crosses national borders than silver bullion bars.

- U.S. Silver Eagle Coins are .999 fine silver bullion coins making them an excellent hedge against a currency crisis and a great option for emergency coinage

- The American Silver Eagle Coin is exempt from IRS 1099B Brokerage Reporting which makes the American Silver Eagle one of the most private investments in the world.

- The Silver Eagle Coin can be used in legal contracts due to their legal tender $1 face value, but they are traded according to the going market rate for silver.

- Silver Eagle Coins are the #1 silver bullion investment vehicle in the world, the coin's elegant design is both recognized and highly tradable.

- The Silver Eagle Coin garners the highest ask and bid prices for mass produced silver bullion products.

GoldSilver.com guarantees the authenticity of all its products.



The United States Silver Eagle Coin was introduced to the public on November 24, 1986.  Since then the United States Mint has struck over 350 million Silver Eagle Coins to exacting one ounce .999 fine silver specifications.  


The Silver Eagle Coin has its one oz weight and 99.9% silver purity fully backed by the United States Government. 
During precious metal shortages, government backed bullion coins like Silver Eagles, often develop high premiums because of their reliability and their high recognition by the general public.
Sealed Silver Eagle Mint Cases, also known within the industry as Silver Monster Boxes, contain 500 Silver Eagle Coins weighing 1 ounce each. The sealed mint case contains 25 tubes of 20 Silver Eagle coins per tube. These tubes have a fail-safe design that makes it nearly impossible to load an incorrect number of Silver Eagles. 
The Silver Eagle Mint case is kept sealed by two flat plastic straps with the name of the mint where they were created printed on the straps. Inside the Silver Eagle Mint Case there is an audit slip signed and dated by a person representing the United States Mint.
The investment liquidity of the American Silver Eagle Coin is outstanding. Aside from the Silver Eagle Coin being legal tender in the United States, officially worth one US dollar, their design and government backing makes them convertible into currency worldwide.
Silver Eagle Mint Case dimensions - 15" long X 8.5" wide X 4.5" inches deep
Silver Eagle Mint Case dimensions - 38 cm long X 22 cm wide X 11 cm deep
Silver Eagle Mint Case weight - 35 lb or 16 kg roughly
American Silver Eagle Coins are stored in tubes of 20, each tube of Silver Eagles weighs approximately one and a half pounds apiece.
GoldSilver.com guarantees the authenticity of all its products.

Storage Information

Brink's Global Services USA Inc. (Salt Lake City)
Brink's Canada Ltd.
Brink's Singapore Ltd.
Brink's Hong Kong Ltd.
Brink's Salt Lake City Ltd.


39.5 Basis Points Annual
Account Value X 0.000329 billed per month
Minimum $ 35 per month
( whichever is greater )


48.5 Basis Points Annual
Account Value X 0.000404 billed per month
Minimum $ 35 per month
( whichever is greater )

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