The Most Secure and Cost-Effective Way to Store Precious Metals

GoldSilver Integrated Vault Storage
Powered by the world’s premier name in asset security:

Through strategic partnerships with the world’s top institutional vault providers, GoldSilver offers highly secure allocated and segregated bullion storage. It’s easy, surprisingly affordable, and requires no long-term commitment.

Our fully-insured, 100% non-bank vaults are operated by the world’s most-trusted names in security, which means they come with armed guards and 24-hour surveillance. You can rest easy knowing your metals are safe:

  • ULTIMATE SECURITY. You simply cannot store your metals in a safer and more secure environment. GoldSilver uses only independent, non-bank, class 3 vault facilities (the highest rating in the industry), with armed guards and 24/7 surveillance.
    You’ll avoid tragic precious metals thefts that could have been prevented by using vault storage.
  • FULLY ALLOCATED. The gold and silver you buy is shipped directly to storage, and held in full in your account’s name and title (individually, joint, trust, or LLC). No pool accounts, no shared ownership, no fractional claims on large bars—just what you bought, in your title, all the time.
  • FULLY INSURED AND INDEPENDENTLY AUDITED. Your gold and silver is insured for full replacement value (up to $50 million per account). It is audited by a leading independent commodities inspection firm and verified regularly. You can log on to view your account 24/7. No storage location in the world is 100% secure from threats like natural disasters, but professional storage is fully insured up to $50 million per account.

    Best of all, our professional storage is far cheaper than insuring home-stored bullion. Not to mention the added privacy and personal safety.
  • ANYTIME DELIVERY. Want delivery of some or all of your metal? Just click or call. Metals will be shipped to your address of record, or you can have them delivered to another address almost anywhere in the world (subject to security verification to protect your assets and a small delivery fee).

    You can even transfer some or all of your holdings between vaults—just pay shipping.
  • OUTSIDE THE BANKING SYSTEM: Your bullion is stored in a professional, private vault, outside of the banking system, in the US or abroad. Safe deposit boxes can be easily seized, are subject to bank closures, come with no insurance and dubious privacy, and aren’t generally big enough to store silver.

    Remember, one reason we own physical bullion is to protect against the banking system. You can scratch that risk off your list by using our allocated storage.
  • EASY TO OPEN, EASY TO BUY. Just pick your products, select your vault location, and buy online or over the phone. We’ll create an account for you automatically. Once your payment clears, your metal is shipped directly to the vault. No paper forms to complete, no ID or passports to mail, and no waiting at home to sign for a shipment. It’s as easy and straightforward as shopping for delivery, easier even.
  • EASY SELLING. You can sell back your holdings from storage at any time. This makes your exit plan easy, simple, and quick—no messing with packing up your coins or bars, and no traveling to a dealer’s shop (and worrying if anyone is watching you enter or exit). This convenience makes your metal more liquid than storing at home or in a bank.
  • INTERNATIONAL OPTIONS. Diversify internationally with the same great service and convenience, and the same low storage rates. Current vault offerings include Salt Lake City, USA; Hong Kong; Singapore; and Toronto, Canada.

  • VERY AFFORDABLE: Even though allocated storage uses the exact same vaults as segregated storage, allocated is cheaper, thanks to the scale provided by GoldSilver’s status as one of the leading bullion sales and storage providers in the world.

One, Low Straightforward Price

All this security may sound expensive, even out of reach for the average investor. But, thanks to the scale provided by storing with GoldSilver, one of the largest and most respected precious metals retailers, you can have access to all of that security for far less than one might think.

When you keep your gold and silver in private vault storage, we charge you one simple monthly fee based on the size of your assets:

Allocated Vault Storage

0.06% of asset volume per month.
That's just $6 for every $10,000 stored. ($4 minimum)

That’s less expensive than a latte at one of those chain coffee shops. Fees are payable by credit card or cash balance, month to month, with no long term commitments required. You are only charged as long as you store metal with us.

Remember, you can accept delivery of your precious metals or move them to a different vault, in our system or outside it, at any time, for only the cost of shipping and handling. You can also sell your metals to us with ease.

And because our private vault storage is 100% allocated, there’s no fees to convert or melt or manufacture anything, thus no risk of shortages or protracted delays that come with ETFs and fractional schemes. Just your metals, kept in trust solely for you.

Require Segregated Storage? We Do That, Too

Are you acquiring metals through a corporation with security requirements? Or just prefer additional peace of mind for substantial assets?

You can elect for segregated storage, which has all the benefits of allocated, plus your assets will be separately shelved, wrapped, and marked apart from all other assets held at the vault. You can even switch between the plans anytime you want.

Segregated Vault Storage:
0.08% of metal value per month.
$35 monthly minimum per metal type (i.e. silver, gold), per vault.

Vault Storage Is as Easy as Shopping for Home Delivery

Just browse our selection of gold and silver bullion, at the guaranteed best prices, and add to your cart.

At checkout, you’ll have the option to deliver directly to any eligible vault location. We’ll create a storage account for you automatically. It’s that easy.

After your payment clears, your order will be quickly shipped to the vault, including all the usual tracking and verification you’d expect.

Once in your vault account, you can take delivery any time you need it. Or transfer your metals to a different vault location (small shipping fee applies).

Is Vault Storage Right for Me?

Gold and silver bullion are rare financial assets: the only widely accepted forms of money not simultaneously one’s asset and someone else’s debt. For that reason they’ve held their value for millennia.

The few risks precious metals investors have to think about are various forms of theft, like burglary, government seizure, and trustee fraud.

We believe gold and silver buyers should always keep a small portion of their holdings close at hand, in a safe but easily accessible location. But, never keep all your eggs in one basket. The larger your investment, the more important physical storage diversification becomes.

The golden rule is to make certain your bullion is owned outright, and unencumbered. To achieve this:

  • Only hold metals in accounts that are your title and ownership. Avoid pool accounts, for example, where you only have a theoretical claim on someone else’s metals. That includes fractional schemes like “bits” and ETFs where more than one person can claim rights to the same bar.
  • Avoid metals that are or can be “hypothecated” by the trustee, i.e. lent out to cover anyone’s debts but your own, like anything provided by the banking system.
  • USE a service that assures your metals will be there when you need them. Avoid promissory notes and certificates that aren’t third-party insured, or schemes that require the trustee to purchase metals at market when you request delivery.

With GoldSilver Vault Storage, accounts are titled in your name, or in the name of an entity you control, assuring direct ownership. Secure, efficient physical delivery is just a few mouse clicks away. The entire process is all under the supervision of the world’s top vault providers and third party auditors. And every single account is fully insured up to $50 million.

Start Using Vault Storage in 3 Easy Steps

#1 Shop for Metals on GoldSilver

Once you’ve added precious metals to your shopping cart, checkout and select Secure Vault Storage as the destination.

A storage account will be created automatically for you. No extra paperwork is required. Next, decide where you want to store your metals.

#2 Choose Your Vault Location

You are in full control of where your metals are stored at all times. We offer vault options around the globe. This allows you to easily diversify.

No customs, forms, or special reporting are required. Vaults are currently provided by Brink’s, a trusted world leader in transporting and storing precious metals for nearly 130 years. We offer vaults in Salt Lake City, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Toronto.

#3 Metals Arrive at the Vault

After you checkout and payment is processed, your metals are securely shipped to the vault you’ve selected.

In many cases, your metals arrive the same day. And if you purchase highly liquid bullion like American Gold or Silver Eagles, it can be transferred instantly from dealer inventory.

Plus, your metals are always eligible to be sold back to us immediately even if they haven’t arrived in the vault yet. This gives you the option to liquidate and profit should a major price move occur.

You’ll rest easy knowing your metals are safe, you have flexible selling and delivery options, and that you’re getting one of the lowest storage rates available in the world.

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