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July 16, 2018 - 15:56:09 PDT

Introducing Mike Maloney's Market Fragility Index: What It’s Saying Now

Mike’s refusal to settle for “good enough” culminated in his own metric: what he calls the Market Fragility Index. Here’... read more

July 16, 2018 - 11:50:58 PDT

Richter: "I’m in Awe of How Central-Bank Policies Blind Investors to Risks"

How desperate for yield are European investors in countries with negative-interest-rate policies? As blind of obvious ma... read more

July 16, 2018 - 11:35:21 PDT

Demand Surge Leads Sotheby's to Hold First-Ever All-Gold Auction

Led by Asia and the Middle East, demand for gold artifacts and art has recently spiked to such an extent that the famed... read more

July 16, 2018 - 07:23:58 PDT

How to Invest in an Era Of $100 Trillion Financial Obligations

"It is indeed difficult for investors to find a place to hide today from an investment standpoint...just holding cash co... read more

July 16, 2018 - 07:14:41 PDT

The Predictable Lifecycle of Bureaucracy: US Moving to 6th and Final Stage

Rome's final days were marked by a bloated system that benefited only a few insiders skimming their take, confident that... read more

July 16, 2018 - 06:09:43 PDT

16% APR Be Damned: As Goes Consumer Debt Spending, so Goes Retail Sales

For all the governmental hue and cry about a strong underlying economy, in a US where the average wage hasn't increased... read more

July 16, 2018 - 05:45:10 PDT

The Extreme Super-Rich Care About One Future Strategy: Getting Away From You

When a professor was paid over half his annual salary to deliver a keynote speech about future technology, he instead fo... read more

July 16, 2018 - 05:29:28 PDT

US/China Trade Deficit Soars to All-Time High in June

In the last month of results prior to the first round of tariffs, it's business as usual as China's trade surplus reache... read more

July 16, 2018 - 05:25:16 PDT

Big Pharma Racketeering: Infant Seizure Drug Costs 486,050% More in US

Acthar gel, which has been FDA-approved for 68 years and sells for $8 per vial in other developed-world nations, sells f... read more

July 13, 2018 - 11:37:09 PDT

Still Stuck, After All These Years: Banks Bedeviled by 2000-Era Subprime Loans

A decade after issuing insane mortgages (such as the "Pick-a-Pay", where borrowers could choose their own monthly paymen... read more

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July 11, 2018 - 11:42:40 PDT

Jeff Clark Interview: Why the Russians Are Liquidating Their US Treasuries

Russia has ratcheted up their efforts to reduce their exposure to American fiat currency while simultaneously continuing... read more

July 10, 2018 - 04:03:41 PDT

World Premiere: Mike Maloney's "Early Warning"

3+ Hours of Insights on Stocks, Bonds, Bitcoin/Cryptos, Real Estate, the Dollar, Precious Metals... and Much MoreIt’s be... read more

July 09, 2018 - 06:08:07 PDT

Daniel Lacalle: Why Central Banks are Trapped

An entire generation of bankers knows nothing other than Fed-rigged markets, where good news is good news & bad news is... read more

July 06, 2018 - 08:10:19 PDT

Swiss Asia CEO: "Very Favorable Environment For Gold. Full Stop."

Juerg Kiener, CIO and Managing Director at Swiss Asia Capital, tells it like it is. Gold's current COMEX trading price i... read more

July 06, 2018 - 05:45:38 PDT

Michael Pento: You're Running out of Time to Get Gold Cheap

Gold and You Will be the Big Beneficiary in Coming October Market Crash read more

July 05, 2018 - 08:46:56 PDT

Rob Kirby: It's Not If the System Collapses - it's When

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says what this all boils down to is: pro-dollar forces vs. anti-dollar forces. read more

July 10, 2018 - 07:32:33 PDT

A Tale of Two Titanics

For some, the music and the parties continued... while those in the know quietly made their way to the lifeboats. In thi... read more

July 02, 2018 - 11:19:52 PDT

Real Vision's Gold Standard Review

How is gold different to fiat currency? What’s the connection? And will we ever return to a gold standard or gold as the... read more

June 29, 2018 - 12:05:17 PDT

Ronald Stöferle: Our Inflation Signal Just Reached Maximum

We are increasing our allocation toward the precious metal sector, which is currently undergoing a phase of weakness read more

June 29, 2018 - 11:35:27 PDT

James Grant and Jim Chanos: Fed Fraud and More

Sophisticated investors have been the victims of deception throughout our nation's history. read more

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