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Gold Long-Term Technicals Are Looking Bullish

Apr 17, 2017

Gold has a lot going for it these days, and it has taken the leadership role in the precious metals sector since last week when it held firm.

Ron Paul on Why the Income Tax is Un-American

Apr 17, 2017

It's been 104 years since the 16th Amendment was ratified. Ron Paul makes the case for getting rid of this albatross

The Best Time to Buy Gold and Silver in 2017 is...

Apr 16, 2017

What is the right time of year to buy gold or silver? These charts will help you determine which months you should be investing in gold and silver.

Gold & Silver Confiscation: Can the Government Seize Assets? (Video)

Can the government confiscate your gold? This guide explains why gold is confiscated from private citizens and what you can do to protect yourself.

Forget Geopolitics - This Is the Real Price Driver of Gold

Apr 13, 2017

When interest rates are set too low, and financial repression occurs, gold is the ultimate asset.

The Fed Is Transmitting That a Recession Is Dead Ahead

Apr 13, 2017

The Federal Reserve is clearly and plainly telling us that it intends to take the US into recession in short order.

Gold Defeats Fed's Interest Rate Headwinds

Apr 13, 2017

Gold continues to rise based on a combination of higher inflation, geopolitical concerns and tightness in supply

Its Still with Us - Why the Financial Crisis Never Went Away

Apr 13, 2017

The economic forces that have been playing out over the last couple of decades are probably going to get worse.

Gold Above 200 Day M.A. At Five Month High - up 10% for 2017

Apr 12, 2017

The metal kept going higher in after-hours trading with the futures reaching an intraday high of 1,277.40, which was their highest level since Nov. 10

"There's a Multi Trillion Dollar Output Gap - Will Never Make It Back"

Apr 12, 2017

Rickards: Were in a depression since 2008 and its about to get worse

How We Got Here: And How We Never Get out of It

Apr 12, 2017

It would be bigger than just 2008, for a whole decade has been flushed based on what?

Baby Boom Tsunami to Drown Economy

Apr 11, 2017

In this video, Mike explains the consequences of the colossal change in demographics underway in the U.S. right now.

Gold, Silver And Treasuries Surge On Safe Haven Demand

Apr 11, 2017

Gold and Treasuries strengthened with investors concern about global security risks & the path of U.S. interest rates

Why Billionaire Bond King Gundlach is Long Gold Here

Apr 11, 2017

Real interest rates (you know, after you deduct inflation) are negative—not just in the U.S., but everywhere else in the developed world as well.

S&P 500 Backed Off From Key Resistance 6 Weeks Ago - More to Come?

Apr 11, 2017

Until the S&P can take out the 161% level, it comes into play as the 800 pound resistance zone

Rickards: The next Financial Crises Will Be Unprecedented in Magnitude

Apr 10, 2017

Jim Rickards says we're in a different world. The systemic risks have never been greater.

Desperate Central Bankers Trying to Reflate the Global Debt Bubble

Apr 10, 2017

Marc Faber discusses the undervaluation of Gold and Silver and that there is no US dollar shortage

Saxo Bank: More Than 60% Chance of a Global Recession Under 18 Months

Apr 10, 2017

The main driver of U.S. equities seems to be hope, Jacobson added.

Congress Sinks into Confusion as Shutdown Danger Looms

Apr 10, 2017

Health-care debate and nuclear option leave lawmakers fuming, Government faces shutdown April 29 if lawmakers can’t agree

Gold - Why Its a Good Time to Invest Now

Apr 7, 2017

There is every reason to argue that higher inflation is coming in the near future