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SIlver Flash Crash - Rebound Overnight and What Could Have Caused it

Jul 7, 2017

Silver the subject of significant debate the past few hours as a flash crash that saw the metal plummet to the $14.27 handle

Ronald Stöferle and Jim Rickards Discuss the Current Outlook for Gold

Jul 6, 2017

Jim Rickards discussed with Ronald Stöferle & Mark Valek the key topics of the new In Gold We Trust Report 2017.

World Gold Council: Gold Investor, June 2017

Jul 6, 2017

Welcome to the summer edition of Gold Investor, where leading commentators & market participants discuss new developments for gold & its evolving global role.

The Poster Child for the Next Major Debt Crises: Illinois

Jul 6, 2017

We are facing a major Sovereign Debt Crisis at the state and municipal level that will eventually bring down governments on a wholesale basis.

Fed: 'Unsustainable' - Systemic Risk in U.S. Housing Remains

Jul 6, 2017

"We're almost at a now-or-never moment," Fed's Powell told a conference in Washington

The Fed Is on the Edge of a Deflation Problem

Jul 6, 2017

"We expect that the Fed will soon need to move to a neutral from tightening bias."

Jim Rickards Discusses Gold and Sees War with North Korea

Jul 5, 2017

Strategic Intelligence Editor Jim Rickards discusses the price of gold and North Korea

Ron Paul on Why We Must Declare Independence Once Again

Jul 5, 2017

I think it’s time for us to declare our independence from an oppressive government that seeks to control our money & our lives...

Of Course This Would Never Happen with Gold!

Jul 5, 2017

There’s one corner of the commodity world that still depends almost entirely on printed paper -- making it an easy target for crooks.

Hugo Salinas Price Discuss Silver with Russian Scholars & Leaders

Jul 5, 2017

Hugo Salinas Price discussed he urged Russia to issue a silver ruble in expectancy of replacement of the U.S. dollar standard

Interest Rates to Stay Lower Much Much Longer Than Most People Realize

Jul 5, 2017

Adair Turner, chairman at the Institute for New Economic Thinking discuss the outlook for the global economy and monetary policy

Ron Paul: Stocks to Crash 25 percent, Gold Up 50 Percent by October

Jul 3, 2017

A painful correction is coming and there's little that can be done to prevent it, according to former Republican congressman and libertarian firebrand Ron Paul.

Prepare For Asset Price Declines of 50-75% - Steve St. Angelo

Jul 3, 2017

Any sense of prosperity in today's economy is based on a falsehood, claims

What Interest Rates And Gold Prices Are Saying

Jul 3, 2017

Yra Harris, Ronald Peter Stoeferle and Jayant Bhandari discuss what Interest Rates and Gold Prices are Saying

Gold Bull Market 1970's Versus 2000 to Date

Jul 3, 2017

This chart shows the similarities between the 1970s and the status quo, but the duration of both corrections diverges significantly.

Making Money Great Again - Ron Paul

Jun 30, 2017

Dr. Ron Paul: Gold & Silver the most preferable kind of money

The End Game Will Be an Ugly Monetary/Debt Induced Inflation

Jun 30, 2017

“Deflationary forces have been replaced by reflationary ones.” – Mario Draghi

This Is When the Fed Will Crash the Market - A Bank of America Forecast

Jun 30, 2017

"central banks in aggregate still printing: $350bn in April, $300bn in May, <$100bn in June…big 5 central banks buying less but not yet selling."

Rising Bond Yields Could Blow the $217 TRILLION Global Debt Bomb

Jun 30, 2017

If you thought the 2007 Debt Bubble was bad… wait until you see what’s coming.

The Central Banks Globalized Debt Trap Explained & How Gold will Rise

Jun 29, 2017

Gordon T. Long of Macro Analytics explains the central banks global debt trap & how gold and silver will rise as a result