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Grant Williams: A Debt Problem is "Solved" by More Debt?

WallStForMainSt  ( Original )
SEP 25, 2017

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St is joined by returning guest, Grant Williams newsletter writer of Things That Make You Go Hmm, and Co-Founder of Real Vision TV

Grant has also recently started a podcast called Adventures in Finance where he interviews at length hedge fund icons like Kyle Bass and Hugh Hendry. 

During this 30+ minute wide ranging interview, Jason starts off by asking Grant about his views on the global economy because he travels all over the globe so often? 

Grant talks about how larger developed economies will be slogged down with a lot of debt for a long time and how 2% growth (using government numbers) is the best case scenario for a new normal going forward. 

Grant also talks about how central banks (and not free market capitalism) have exacerbated the wealth gap and wealth inequality between rich and poor. Jason also asks Grant about China's economy and their non performing loan (NPL) and credit growth and banking crisis that Kyle Bass recently highlighted at length on a new Real Vision TV interview, the massive leveraged short volatility trade, Bitcoin (Grant thinks Bitcoin is an enormous bubble), if China wants a gold standard, if the Federal Reserve can successfully execute its balance sheet reduction and other interesting topics.