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Chris Martenson: Will Inflated Oil Prices Pop The Financial Bubble?

JAN 24, 2018

Please join Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Chris Martenson, co-founder of

The higher price of oil is going to really harm some weak players. The chain reaction always starts with somebody not being able to pay their debt back.” Chris also discusses the value of gold and silver in this environment.

Martenson points out that things like stocks and bonds are not wealth, but claims on wealth. Martenson says the paper side of the equation has “been growing twice as fast as the real stuff.”  Martenson goes on to say, “So, there always has to be a relationship to the claims we are making and the amount of real stuff. For now, let’s call the real stuff the GDP of nations of the world.  When you see the claims and GDP get really out of alignment, that’s historically always resulted in the claims going, poof. That’s happened lots of times in history.”