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COMEX Braces for Rapid Rise in Gold and Silver Prices - Bix Weir  ( Original )
APR 30, 2014

More evidence that the multi-decade price suppression of Gold and Silver is about to come to a violent end was announced today by the CME who runs the COMEX.
Basically, after years of ALLOWING the price of the precious metals to be slammed downward in violent crashes they are now going to implement PRICE CONTROLS aimed at curbing any VIOLENT UPWARD MOVES!
CME Mulls Price Fluctuation Limits for Gold/Silver Futures
"U.S. futures exchange CME Group Inc is considering the introduction of daily limits on price moves in gold and silver futures in a bid to rein in wild volatility that has spooked investors in recent years, a CME official said on Tuesday."
"The biggest concern for the exchange is the array of sophisticated trading programs that are capable of significantly pushing the market higher or lower, Vias said."
"Unlike the meteoric declines in April and June, when institutional investors exited en masse in a two-day selloff, these seemingly sporadic trades lasted only minutes but overwhelmed volumes and price direction on each occasion."
Bahaha! It took the CME 40 years to figure out that the markets are rigged by computer programs!! Morons! (Actually, although there are many morons some are just corrupt and part of the rigging con)
So TIMING is everything and NOW is the time. Tomorrow, May 1st, is the 3 year anniversary of the Silver 'Drive by Shooting" when the bad guys slammed silver down from $50/oz to $35/oz in just a matter of days. It started in the after hours market on a Sunday night and there was blood in the streets for months to follow. The CME did their part by raising silver margins right in the middle of the bloodletting. 
Of course, the entire operation was run and orchestrated by our friends over at JP Morgan using their "Swat Team" henchman Bill Daley (Obama's Chief of Staff at the time). I posted a full analysis of the event in the days following the crash. Private Road Members can find it in the Road to Roota archives here:
JP Morgan: Operation Silver Slam
It is clear to me, and anyone that has been on this Road for long enough, that the final battle is on and you should be ready for ANYTHING to happen at ANYTIME.
Stay Safe.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir
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