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Contagion! Evergrande, Inflation, Shortages & Fed Taper To Worsen Slowing Economy

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
SEP 24, 2021

The world has become a lot more volatile over the past few weeks.

Markets are lurching up & down as investors have become suddenly concerned about contagion.

And not just from the new COVID variants. But contagion from the failure of big players in China, like Evergrande, and contagion from rising input costs caused by both stimulus and snarled global supply chains.

The bottom line is this: a mind-boggling amount of money -- tens of $trillions worth of monetary & fiscal stimulus -- has been issued around the world since the pandemic broke out last year. But the global economy is slowing fast.

How can the boost from such a massive flood of money already be over?

In this new video, highly-respected macro researcher Jim Bianco details out the dynamics in play, what their repercussions will be, and what's in store next for today's investor.

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