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Dalio: Fed “Balancing Act” Ever More Difficult; Recession Threat Looms

CNBC  ( Original )
FEB 12, 2018

Why should we always listen carefully when Ray Dalio, head of hedge fund behemoth Bridgewater, tells us what he reads in the market tea leaves?

Bridgewater has the biggest cumulative net profit for a hedge fund firm ever, according to data from LCH Investments. From inception to 2017, Dalio's firm posted a nearly $50 billion gain for its investors, the data showed.


  • Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio says in a LinkedIn blog post that the Federal Reserve's response to better-than-expected economic data and more fiscal spending may lead to an economic slowdown.
  • "What we do know is that we are in the part of the cycle in which the central banks' getting monetary policy right is difficult and that this time around the balancing act will be especially difficult," he writes.

 ORIGINAL SOURCE: Ray Dalio: 'Risks of a recession' are rising by Tae Kim at CNBC on 2/12/18