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Doomberg: Crisis Ahead As Markets and Economy Reach "Tipping Point"? & The Weekly Market Recap

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
FEB 20, 2022

Systemic pressures are building everywhere. Inflation, slowing economic growth, prolonged supply chain outages, falling consumer confidence, the trucker blockade in Canada, Kazakhstan as an energy flashpoint, tensions in the Ukraine.

These are all interconnected signals that the status quo is failing. To learn why, listen to this important interview with Doomberg, one of the most important new voices in finance today.

Spiking energy prices in oil, natural gas and other key fuels are the direct result from bone-headed policies.

Doomberg returns to remind us that "energy is life", and when you mess with energy, you mess with all of the systems we depend on.

He also explains what's wrong with the popular ESG movement -- notably, that we have over-focused on the "E" to the sacrifice of the "G".

Weekly Market Recap

Lance Roberts of RIA Advisors joins Adam Taggart to summarize the notable developments in the financial markets over the past week.

In this week's episode, Lance does a deep dive into bonds, specifically why it appears to make sense to buy long-dated US Treasurys right now despite the Federal Reserve's plan to hike interest rates.

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