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Grantham, Summers, Gates, Dalio, Ferguson, Mauldin: Goldilocks Bears

Advisor Perspectives  ( Original )
APR 18, 2018

It is telling that Jerome Powell sees nothing resembling recessionary trouble on the horizon, that the functional head of the architect of the current bubble beseeches that there is no bubble.

People who are heavily incentivized to see the economy in a bullish manner (the head of the largest bank on Wall St., the head of the Fed, a Chief Investment Office at a retail-heavy brokerage firm), will quite reliably talk up the markets in a bullish manner.

Those with the luxury of objectivity, especially at a time like the present, where the market trades at lunatic-fringe valuations, give voice to obvious and less convenient truths.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Next Recession? Pundit Prognoses at Advisor Perspectives on 4/15/18