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How Our Unfair Markets Use Big Data To Exploit You

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
AUG 18, 2021

There’s an invisible war being waged in the financial markets every day.

Tremendously deep-pocketed and politically-connected players use Big Data, dark exchanges and microsecond trading advantages to exploit daily trading activity.

Their actions make investing risker and more costly for everyone else -- but not only can’t we see it, it’s often cloaked deceptively as innovation that's “good for the consumer”.

Institutional trader and market structure expert Joe Saluzzi breaks down for us how the plumbing of today's financial markets works, exposing the unseen parties that profit off of the unsuspecting majority of investors.

Dark pools, high frequency trading algorithms, pay for performance -- there's an arms race underway in which both the regulators and general public are hopelessly outgunned.

Very few people really understand how today's markets truly operate. To become one of them, watch Joe's expert explanation here.

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