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HSOM Episodes 9&10: Bonus Features

The behind-the-scenes commentary! Have you ever wondered just what went into the spectacular productions that Mike has been bringing you for so many years? Let Mike show you how the magic happens as he walks you through the extraordinary work his innovative, talented, and driven team.

Mike will let you in on the single best restaurant he's ever been to in his world travels (an out-of-the-way Rome gem) and the wisdom of longtime Hidden Secrets of Money allies Steve Forbes, Rick Rule, Ron Paul, and many more!

Click here to download a high-resolution version of the full HSOM 9 & 10 Rome vs. USA timeline scroll (the graphic above only shows the first 15%)!

Doug Casey discusses the fascinating parallels between the trends that both came to define Roman currency and that have come to actively define US coinage today.

Steve Forbes chats with Mike about the damaging and dangerous nature of governmental handouts...

... and then weighs in on the oft-attempted, never-successful governmental ploy of corrupting free markets by initiating wage and price controls.  

Richard Daughty both understands and salutes the importance of Mike's message, while neatly summarizing, in four words, what it will be like for those who don't listen.  

This quote from Cicero is as true today as it was over 2,000 years ago.

We have no doubt you'll be more than appEASed by this cracking PG-13 Max Keiser outtake.

And we'll give the last word to Doug Casey, who reminds us that while things are going to get difficult, there is reason for long-term hope both in human nature and in the vanguards of innovation.