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Is Gold Jewelry a Good Backup Plan? Mike Maloney & Jeff Berwick Video

Mike Maloney, 
DEC 13, 2019

Editor’s Note: Nothing in this video constitutes legal or tax advice, and you should not rely on its claims as such.

“If the survival of the dollar is threatened, you cannot rule out the government trying to make gold and silver illegal again.”

That’s how Mike Maloney begins his new video, a discussion with Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante, on the possibility of gold confiscation.

While Mike says confiscation “probably won’t happen, you’re screwed if all you own is coins and bars.”

In other words, the risk isn’t zero. As many investors know, gold was illegal to own in the US for 50 years.

Is there a way for an investor to hedge against such an event?

Gold Bullion Jewelry might be a solution. As Mike says, “gold bullion jewelry is meant to give mobility and safety, and is the least likely form of precious metals to be nationalized.”

It’s ideal for travel, because, as Mike points out, “it doesn’t have to be declared on a landing card.” Customs forms specifically ask about currency and cash equivalents—but jewelry is not classified as a financial instrument.

As a result, he owns some gold jewelry as a tail risk.

There’s another advantage with pure gold jewelry: you avoid the mark-up that comes with most commercial jewelry today. The cost of gold bullion jewelry is based solely on the price of gold plus fabrication—no gemstones, no fancy extras, no extraneous mark-up. And of course it’s beautiful.

Tune in to hear Mike discuss gold jewelry, along with why we must use the word “money” only when referring to gold and silver.