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Should You Buy GOLD in 2020? - In Gold We Trust Part 2 - Mike Maloney & Ronnie Stoeferle

Mike Maloney & Ronnie Stoeferle 
NOV 6, 2019

Should you buy Gold in 2020? After watching today’s release of Part 2 of Mike Maloney’s new series with Incrementum’s Ronnie Stoeferle, you’ll see why Mike has been ‘backing up the truck’ and continues to accumulate precious metals. This segment covers a mountain of topics including real interest rates, recession indicators, declining industrial production, and even a part of Mike’s book that was cut from the final edit. But most importantly - Part 2 answers the question  “What will the Fed and the government do to try and keep these bubbles inflated?” Strap in because all options are not only on the table…they are highly likely.  QE4, negative interest rates, currency wars, and plain old jawboning - they’re all here, right now. So, should you buy gold in 2020? Watch this video, and find out.