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Silver Alert – New 2-Year Highs

Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver 
AUG 27, 2019

The silver price has punched through $18, the first time in nearly two years.

Gold is at 6-year highs, but silver has outrun it in August, currently up 10.1% so far this month, vs. an 8.1% rise for gold.

It's clear that silver has now joined the party.

The gold/silver ratio is down to 85. But that’s still historically high, meaning silver is still a bargain compared to gold.

As we move forward, we fully expect to see silver outperform gold.

After all, all the catalysts remain—the US-China trade war… the threat of recessions… frothy stock and bond markets… and massive debt loads by nearly every developed economy… just to name the big ones.

The future is more uncertain today than in years past. And it’s looking like things could get nastier and catapult gold and silver much, much higher.

So no, it's not too late to buy.

This is just getting started, and while there will be pullbacks along the way, we encourage you to make sure you own enough physical silver for what's ahead.