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Silver Touches Fresh 52-week High

The GoldSilver Team 
JUL 24, 2019

Stocks are down this morning on troubling data…

Dow components Caterpillar and Boeing, bellwethers of US manufacturing demand, surprised the market with worse-than-expected earnings.

Meanwhile, manufacturing in the Eurozone is suffering with activity dropping to 7-year lows. 

Of course, manufacturing isn’t the whole economy. But a slump in this sector historically leads slowdowns in the global economy at large. And it can’t be ignored.

All of this is happening against the backdrop of renewed Trade War negotiations between China and the US. With central banks ready to pull the trigger on rate cuts.

No wonder, silver is shining… 

With the potential for recession looming and currency devaluation a near certainty should the economic wheels need greasing…  investors are once again returning to hard money.

In fact, ETF inflows for silver are at a two-year high.

If you believe the future is brighter for silver than paper investments, now may be a good time to make sure you have enough ounces for the road ahead.