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The End of Capitalism?

Adam Taggart, 
MAR 22, 2021

When governments around face economic problems… stagnation, recession, a sudden crisis, or even a simple period of lower-than-expected growth… they all are conditioned to use the same solution: deficit spend or issue new trillions in “thin air” currency.

How many times can governments paper over problems? Are there any consequences?

Our friend Adam Taggart recently sat down with respected financial analyst Michael Every who suspects we’re closer than most realize and that it could even lead to a breakdown of the entire system.

As governments continue to flood the world with debt-funded stimulus, they not only fan the flames under the social powderkeg of wealth inequality, but they are destroying their own powers in the process.

Up until the Great Financial Crisis, a dollar in new federal debt issued resulted in more than $1 in incremental GDP. But no longer:

That indicates the government is now at the “pushing on a string": phase: it can’t grow out of its problems. Issuing new debt only digs the insolvency hole deeper at this point.

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