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The IMF'S SDR - A New World Money  ( Original )
FEB 28, 2017

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Death of the Dollar: A New World Money by Craig Wilson of on 2/28/2017

As the world confidence somewhat wanes in the U.S. dollar and it's debt, we read that The  U.S. biggest creditors are dumping U.S. Treasuries at an alarming rate. Is this why there has been so much talk of Death to the Dollar? Will the SDR be the ultimate exchange in the future?

"Studying the real history of the special drawing rights (SDR), what some have coined as new world money, will allow you to understand exactly why the evolution of the international currency matters even more today." 

The following is a very interesting in-depth look in the history of the IMF,  the SDR and what may come: Death of the Dollar: A New World Money