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War, Death and Gold - Jim Rickards

The Big Trade Series  ( Original )
APR 29, 2016

Published on Apr 21, 2016

Jim Rickards, author of the well-known book “Currency Wars,” joins The Big Trade series for an enlightening conversation on the world’s foreign exchange markets. Peter starts the conversation by mentioning the chronological logic of Jim’s published books, from “Currency Wars” to “The Death of Money” and “The New Case for Gold.” Jim also shares with Peter the evolution of his ideas.


The discussion quickly shifts to the role of gold as a reserve currency in the modern economy and Jim gives his predictions about global currency markets. The two then delve into the Fed’s solvency, Jim explains why the U.S. Treasury is holding a lot of gold and its potential impact on China. A discussion on the gold war between China and U.S. concludes the episode.