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‘Worst Bear Market Of Our Lifetime’ Is Fast Approaching

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
SEP 17, 2021

Legendary investor Jim Rogers has seen more market ups & downs than most people alive today -- making a LOT of money in the process.

But given today’s macro environment, he’s more concerned about the market’s future prospects than he’s ever been before.

In fact, he now confidently predicts we will experience a massive economic and financial correction that will result in the biggest bear market of our lifetime.

Too much debt. Rising inflation. Currency debasement. Malinvestment. Central bank intervention. Geopolitical stress. The current macroeconomic environment has it all.

Rogers forecasts that the collapse will begin in the weaker countries/companies first (Evergrande, anyone?), creating a cascade that eventually will plunge the entire global economy into deep recession, if not downright Depression.

In this new video with Jim, he explains how bad he thinks things will get and why, as well as the single undervalued asset class he predicts will fare best vs all the others currently trading in bubble territory.

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