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HSOM Episode 5 Bonus Feature: 1 oz Silver = 200 lb Salt?

One of the hardest things I've ever done in my life is editing the series 'Hidden Secrets Of Money'. The hard part being the decisions on which parts to leave out.

Episode 5 was filmed very quickly, with no script at all apart from the interconnecting voiceovers of course. I knew that getting Mike into the ECB Money Museum was akin to letting a kid loose in a candy store, so we simply followed the exhibits around and I asked Mike to interpret the Museum's 'official' explanations.

We had just over an hour to complete our filming, and pretty much everything was done in one take. 

While editing, there was one segment in particular that seemed to take a little long to get through, and that was the section that covers the transition from barter and commodity currencies to real money.

In order to keep the episode under 30 minutes meant doing a little trimming. In the end, the video attached to this article was left out, in the pursuit of time and holding folks' interest.