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War & One World Currency?

Dan Rubock 
SEP 3, 2013

We’ve had a huge amount of debate on our website this week about what kind of monetary system is coming next. After watching Episode 2, the most common question from viewers ran along these lines, ‘Ok, so I can see that we are overdue for a new system and that this one is bound to fail – but what comes next?’

Episode 3 of Hidden Secrets Of Money addresses these concerns, but for now I thought I’d post some footage from a Q&A session after one of Mike’s presentations. He had just made a keynote speech at a Casey Research Summit in Arizona when he was asked by an audience member whether the U.S. Dollar was losing its reserve status. Many folks at the Summit had also been asking about a supposed ‘One World Currency’, Mike’s answer combines the two topics and drives home the fact that not only are gold and silver the ultimate money – they represent freedom and independence.

Enjoy this clip, I’ll be back next week with some news on Episode 3 which will now be released on Sep 24.

See you soon,