Weimar Hyperinflation - Deleted Scene From Episode 5 Hidden Secrets Of Money

Dan Rubock - HiddenSecretsOfMoney.com 
JAN 7, 2014

Sometimes there's just not enough time to fit everything we would like into an episode of Hidden Secrets Of Money. If we included everything, the episodes would end up running over an hour a piece and we'd risk losing the attention of our viewers. So it's nice to be able to come back and include some of the sections that are cut as bonus features, you can find a whole bunch of them on the HSOM website.

In this clip, Mike Maloney explores the Weimar Hyperinflation exhibit in the Bundesbank Money Museum. Watch as the notes start out at 1 Mark which actually had purchasing power, until the appearance of a 1000 Billion Mark note - that purchased next to NOTHING. You can learn of the drastic effects this had on Germany in Episode 5 of Hidden Secrets Of Money. If you haven't already seen it - click here.