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Which Is The World's Best Gold & Silver App?

Dan Rubock - 
APR 30, 2014

So this week I checked out pretty much every gold and silver app available on the market, and have come to this conclusion: The winner, the world's best gold and silver app is 'Gold & Silver Vault' and it is free!

If you search the Google Play or iTunes stores for gold and silver apps, there are literally hundreds to choose from. Most of them require a small payment to get going, and they all have strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I found that the totally free 'Gold & Silver Vault' beats the pants off the others due to its unique features, here's why it works for me:

- The newsfeed is second to none. Quality articles appear at the rate of around 12 a day.
- The charts and live pricing are displayed very neatly, with options for many timeframes and currencies.
- The vault feature is very cool, if you need a way to quickly value your holdings in many different fiat currencies...this is a phenomenal feature.
- The video section is fantastic, you can actually watch all of the 'Hidden Secrets Of Money' series on your phone. 

So for me - it wins hands down. Here are the links for iPhone and Android:

iPhone -

Android -

See you next week,