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The Next Bank to Fail? "This is Too Ridiculous to be Fiction"

Mike Maloney, 
APR 21, 2023

Some stories are too ridiculous to be fiction…

Like the director of the San Francisco Federal Reserve ALSO holding the title of CEO at one of the banks he’s supposed to be regulating.

But there’s no way that could ever happen – right?

In today’s exclusive video release, Mike exposes stunning details on the recent Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) failure that are incredibly irresponsible. These emerging facts help explain how SVB got away with putting their depositors' funds at absurdly high levels of risk. After all, who would stop them? When banks are in charge of regulating themselves, that’s a surefire way to end in disaster…

Plus, Mike discusses a number of banks who could be nearly as vulnerable as Silicon Valley Bank – with similar high levels of unsecured deposits – and some of those names might surprise you…

It’s all in Mike’s latest video. Check it out and get all the facts for yourself.