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Billionaires are Buying Gold – Are You?

The GoldSilver Team 
NOV 22, 2023

From 1973 to 1980, one hedge fund returned a staggering 4,200%. That’s over 71% annual returns for seven straight years.

And now, the visionary behind this fund’s success – one of the world’s most wealthy and successful billionaire investors – is setting his eyes on a new asset class.  

Gold and silver.

But before we get into the latest billionaire investor turning their attention to gold, let’s visit some fun facts about gold and see if you can answer this week’s trivia question...

Tens of Thousands of Ancient Coins Discovered — A diver near the coast of Sardinia, Italy, found an extensive cache of ancient bronze coins dating from the early fourth century. The discovery, which includes at least 30,000 to possibly 50,000 coins based on their collective weight, could be worth millions.

The World’s Most Expensive Gold Coin — The “Big Maple Leaf” was made in 2007 by the Royal Canadian Mint and holds the record for being the world’s most expensive gold coin. Weighing a massive 100 kilograms and made of 99.999% pure gold, it has a face value of 1 million Canadian dollars but is worth much more due to its gold content.

Messages to the Universe — On the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft, NASA included "Golden Records" that contain a selection of Earth's sounds, music, and greetings in case extraterrestrial life ever discovers the probes.

❓Nuggets Trivia of the Week❓

Which country is known as the "Land of Gold" and was historically sought after by explorers for its vast gold resources?

A. South Africa
B. Australia
C. Ghana
D. Brazil

Scroll to the bottom of this email for the answer...

The Best Seasonal Period For Gold Mining Stocks Starts Now...

If you’re considering bolstering your precious metals portfolio with some gold mining stocks, November could be the right time.

According to insightful research by Ronnie Stoeferle at Incrementum AG, the four-month window from November to February has historically been great for gold mining stocks...

GSX Seasonal Average Chart

According to Ronnie’s research, gold mining stocks have averaged between 2-5% during the months of November through February. Not bad...

While gold prices are flirting with all-time-highs, gold mining stocks have been significantly depressed... Mining stocks would need to climb 183% higher to reach their previous all-time highs.

Gold is Almost Back Chart

Such a wide gap suggests mining stocks could be severely undervalued at today’s prices. It’s all on page 27-28 of Incrementum AG’s latest report, which is filled with all kinds of next-level gold research you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. View Incrementum’s Report right here.

If you’re looking for more upside potential, adding a few gold mining stocks to a solid base of physical metals could be a good idea. As Mike says, gold mining stocks are like a leveraged play on gold itself. When gold does well, mining stocks could perform even better. But that’s only during short periods of time. Perhaps November to February will prove to be one such example.

Just remember that mining stocks come with increased risk, and in the very long run, physical gold has outperformed mining stocks.

Jeff Clark, renowned analyst and contributor at GoldSilver, recently highlighted several mining stocks that are currently drawing his attention.

Billionaires are Buying Gold – Are You?

Billionaire and Gold

In 1973, Jim Rogers teamed up with George Soros to create the Quantum Fund. From 1973 to 1980, the portfolio gained 4,200% while the S&P advanced about 47%, instantly making the Quantum Fund one of the most successful of all time.

For over 50 years, folks have listened to Soros and Rogers for any kind of advice on how to invest. Today, Jim Rogers turned heads because he just recommended investing in gold and silver rather than stocks, bonds, or real estate.

In a recent interview on The Julia La Roche Show, Rogers said commodities like gold, silver, and rice tend to appreciate during inflationary times, meaning they’re “usually a good place to ride it out and even perhaps make a lot of money.”

Rogers points out that gold has historically done well during periods of high prices and geopolitical conflicts. However, he thinks silver is an even better option right now because it's currently undervalued. He also mentions concerns about the US dollar's future as the world's reserve currency, especially given international tensions and the overuse of sanctions by the US.

Rogers warns that inflation is likely to get worse. Despite a recent slowdown in price growth, it's still above the Federal Reserve's target. This is partly due to massive amounts of money – or should we say currency – being printed worldwide.

Jim Rogers isn’t the only billionaire investor who’s bullish on gold. Ray Dalio, of Bridgewater Associates, has recommended having a well-diversified portfolio with 5-10% of wealth in gold. He’s been quoted saying, “If you don’t own gold, you know neither history nor economics.”

Earlier this year, billionaire John Paulson highlighted the trend of de-dollarization and noted that gold is attracting new investors due to persistent inflation fears and new geopolitical tensions.

Many of the world’s most successful investors – like billionaires Rogers, Dalio, and Paulson – are adding gold to their portfolios as a form of insurance against what’s coming next. If you want to do the same, then consider InstaVault.

InstaVault lets you buy gold (or silver) in increments of your choosing, as little as $25 per month. Once you have enough for an entire bar or coin, you can choose to have it delivered or stored in our world-class vaults.

Add To Your Gold Portfolio Today

That’ll wrap up this edition of our weekly issue of GoldSilver Nuggets.  

We’ll see you next week.

Brandon S.

❓Nuggets Trivia of the Week❓

Which country is known as the "Land of Gold" and was historically sought after by explorers for its vast gold resources?

A. South Africa
B. Australia
C. Ghana
D. Brazil

Answer: C - Historically, Ghana was known as the “Land of Gold” or the "Gold Coast" due to its abundant gold resources. This attracted European explorers and traders to the region, especially during the 15th and 16th centuries. The area's wealth in gold played a significant role in its history and influenced the patterns of European engagement and colonization in West Africa. In 2019, Ghana produced roughly 140 tons of gold, and became the largest producer of gold in Africa.