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Gold and Bitcoin: Call of the Year for 2024

Mike Maloney, 
JAN 2, 2024

Join Mike Maloney for a deep dive into the current economic landscape and 2024 market predictions with Paul Brownstein. Paul is extremely bullish on Bitcoin and gold as wise alternatives to fiat currencies. Why? It's all about adopting a risk-first strategy in an unpredictable economy. Paul says a blend of patience and strategic defense can set you up for speculative gains. Brownstein, with his unique blend of experience from the restaurant industry to trading and derivatives, brings a fresh perspective on market trends, inflation, and the looming crisis.  

This isn't just a talk; Mike and Paul review in-depth charts and data that may reshape how you view your investments. If you're seeking a solid plan amidst economic uncertainty, this is the video you can't afford to miss. Watch now to stay ahead in 2024!

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