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Webinar – and Brinks: The Ultimate Storage Solution

The Team 

We get more questions about safely storing and insuring metals than anything else. So, we brought together our best minds – Mike Maloney, president Alex Daley, and senior analyst Jeff Clark to share their insights on the topic.

This is your chance to take a table-side seat and join them in a first-of-its-kind webinar about one of the key concerns for every metals investor: storage.

You will learn:

  • How Jeff Clark’s having gold stolen from his home changed his view of storage forever
  • The extent of Brinks security, from armed guards to seismic sensors
  • How GoldSilver’s size and market standing has enabled us to offer you extraordinary storage for a price few would imagine possible
  • GoldSilver’s allocated storage difference: you own real, specific, unshared gold and silver (as opposed to our competitors’ so-called “allocated” storage, where you don’t)
  • GoldSilver’s human difference: Every online order and account request is double-verified by an expert in our headquarters
  • The fatal flaw that makes insuring your home-stored gold especially dangerous
  • GoldSilver has made private vault storage affordable for everyone
  • Your holdings are insured for the full market value of your metals
  • The importance of storing gold and silver outside of the banking system
  • About our partnership with Brinks, the most trusted name in financial security
  • How our private vaults are audited every single day to ensure your holdings are safe
  • Bank safe deposit box horror stories; why to never store your metals in one
  • How ETFs and mint certificate programs charge you up to 7% fees, while delivering a fraction of the ease and security that GoldSilver provides
  • The GoldSilver instant-liquidity advantage
  • And so much more…

So give us 35 minutes, and even if you know absolutely nothing about gold and silver storage strategies right now, you’ll emerge with all the answers you need to make the smartest, safest decision you can for you and your family.

Questions About Storage?

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  • email us at [email protected],

  • or hit the live chat box on the right.

Or get started today! Shop for lowest-price guaranteed precious metals and choose storage as the destination during checkout. A storage account will be created automatically for you.