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Grant Williams and Felix Zulauf Discuss the Coming Crash

APR 4, 2018

Grant and Felix discuss past market disruptions and the tools that are being used today to identify the up coming crash. Felix explains the timing of the event that is currently unfolding.

This conversation with Felix Zulauf didn't make it into the final cut of his recent Real Vision interview, so you'll sure as hell want to see what did.

 Learn from the best, watch the Grant Williams In Conversation With... series on Real Vision: Felix Zulaufis an investing legend who has been a member of the Barron’s Roundtable for over 30 years. 

Famous for his big calls ahead of the 1987 crash, the bursting of the bubbles in Japan and US tech, and the subprime crisis, he has built a stellar track record over a 40-year career. For the fourth in his “In Conversation with...” series, Grant Williams travels to Felix’s home in Naples, Florida to talk about that storied career and the important lessons that Felix has learned along the way.