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What’s Coming Next For The Markets?: Grant Williams vs Stephanie Pomboy

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
JUN 25, 2021

Rarely before have asset prices been so high when the future outlook is so uncertain. 

Where are things most likely to head from here? 

To answer that question, at the recent Wealthion conference earlier this month, we brought together two of the Internet’s most respected macro analysts -- Stephanie Pomboy and Grant Williams -- to hash it all out for us. 

Grant sees inflation as the bigger danger while Stephanie is more concerned about deflation. 

But despite their differing approaches, they both see a lot of similarities in how investors should prepare today for what’s coming next. 

If you missed the conference, today’s your lucky day, as we’re making this great meeting of the minds available to you in this excellent interview with Grant & Stephanie.

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