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HBAR Trading At Just 5c Makes NO SENSE TO ME

The Team 
JUL 27, 2023

In Episode 8 of Mike Maloney’s series ‘Hidden Secrets of Money’ viewers were introduced to a promising new Distributed Ledger Technology known as ‘Hashgraph’. At the time in late 2017, the project was a work in progress, and yet to become a viable commercial product. 

Fast forward to today...

The crypto asset built on Hashgraph technology (HBAR) has been released and is being used in real-world applications, battling its way up the market cap rankings to where it resides today at around position #32 out of thousands of competitors. 

But as Mike Maloney notes in today’s update with Brandon Hargreaves - the HBAR token has stalled at this position for many months, even though real world adoption is ramping up and the network itself is reaching record speeds, processing billions of transactions to date.

So, what comes next? Why has the price hovered at a nickel for so long? What projects are building on HBAR? 

Join us in today’s heavily-requested HBAR update to get the details on Mike Maloney’s biggest crypto investment.

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