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Higher Interest Rates To Cause A 60%+ Market Crash? | Stephanie Pomboy

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
NOV 5, 2021

Right now we're living in a world of all-time high asset prices -- just look at stocks, housing and cryptocurrencies to name just a few. They've all rocketed higher in 2021. Wages are suddenly rising faster than they have in many years, too.

Are these the new Roaring 20's? Will we enjoy a prolonged period of prosperity from here?

Or is the current party not sustainable?

Skeptics worry that spiking inflation, fast-slowing economic growth, accelerating wealth inequality, snarled supply chains, energy shortages, too much leverage and too much financialization are putting the system at danger of another reckoning like the Great Recession.

Who's likely to be proven right? The optimists or the skeptics?

To delve deep with us into this is Stephanie Pomboy, founder of MacroMavens, a pre-eminent economic research firm, and one of my most favorite people to interview.

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