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It's Too Late To Sound the Alarm Tucker

The Team 
APR 20, 2023

In primetime on Fox News, Tucker Carlson began his show:

“For nearly 80 years, since the end of the Second World War, the U.S. dollar has been the currency of the world… But what if that ended?”

Sounds like the mainstream media is finally beginning to pick up on ideas Mike Maloney shared over 10 years ago.

A reserve currency is supposed to be something that is autonomous from political control. It's supposed to be something that everybody on Earth can trust. Instead, politicians in America have weaponized the U.S. dollar against other countries – using its reserve currency status to attack our enemies – and that was the beginning of the end…

Unfortunately, Tucker is too late – the time to fix this problem has long passed. Mike says that at this stage in the game, it is “too late for the U.S. dollar.”

So what is there to do about it? And how much time is left?

Mike shares his thoughts on exactly the best way to prepare for the inevitable shift. If you’re worried about the future of this country, it’s a video you don’t want to miss.  

Watch his video to get the full story.

Mike Maloney is host of the smash hit video series, Hidden Secrets of Money; former Rich Dad/Poor Dad advisor; author of the best-selling precious metals book, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, and founder of – a global leader in precious metals investments. For more than a decade, Mike’s traveled the world sharing his economic insights with audiences from Hong Kong to Rome and from Silicon Valley to Wall Street. Get a copy of his new book.

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