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John Rubino: Markets To Fall Into 'Blind Panic' As System Breaks & Money Fails In 2023?

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
JAN 6, 2023

When at the start of a new year as we are now, it helps to take a fresh look at the macro situation.

What are the key trends that will drive the economy & markets?

For example, the mountain of global debt continues to expand, and the cost of servicing it is suddenly skyrocketing due to higher interest rates.

Inflation, while starting to moderate, is still not anywhere under control.

US Money Supply is now shrinking for the 1st time in at a least 60 years.

And the rest of world is rushing to find ways to de-dollarize trade.

What impact will these trends have for investors in 2023?

To discuss, we're fortunate to be joined today by John Rubino, currency analyst & author, who's quite concerned that a monetary reset may be a lot closer than most can imagine.

To hear the details of his outlook for the coming year, watch our video with John Rubino.

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