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Martin Armstrong: We Are in the Biggest Bond Bubble in History  ( Original )
DEC 19, 2017

Please Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong of

Martin Armstrong worried about central banks continually buying bonds to suppress interest rates?  Armstrong says, “Yes, absolutely.  We are in the biggest bond bubble in history, not a stock bubble, but a bubble. . . . The scary thing in Europe is the ECB (European Central Bank) has been basically supporting the governments.  It is subsidizing all the governments in the Eurozone.  We are looking at almost 10 years of quantitative easing with that, and it hasn’t helped the economy.  If the ECB backs off, who’s going to buy the debt?”

How does this end?  Armstrong says, “Our computers are showing that interest rates are going to go up faster than anybody has ever seen in history. . . . You are looking at a doubling of interest rates very, very rapidly. . . . Gold and equities are the places to be.”