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Mike Maloney: The World's Fiat Currencies Are Failing. How Much Longer Do They Have?

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
FEB 22, 2023

Two questions I get asked often are:

What's a compelling investment opportunity right now?


Can you recommend any good books on wealth-building?

I'm happy to be able to kill two birds with one stone in today's discussion.

This week, precious metals expert Mike Maloney is releasing a brand new book, The Great Gold & Silver Rush of the 21st Century, and I've just finished reading my advance copy.

It's extremely well-written & researched.

And in today's interview, Mike and I delve deep into a number of its most important insights.

For the best discussion you've heard on money & currency in a long while, watch our new interview with Mike Maloney:

Best Regards, 

Adam Taggart

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