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Mike Maloney - What Gold to Buy - What Silver to Buy 

*** Please Note:  Johnson Matthey Silver Bars no longer have serial numbers ***

In the following video Mike Maloney and Brent Harmes of discuss what gold to buy, what silver to buy, the various types of gold and silver products available to investors, and other topics:

  • American Gold Eagles
  • American Silver Eagles
  • US Silver Eagle
  • Johnson Matthey Silver Bars
  • US Mint Case
  • Monster Box
  • Silver Rounds
  • 10 ounce Silver Bars
  • Silver Eagle Tube
  • Currency Crisis Silver
  • IRS 1099B Requirements 
  • Private Gold
  • Private Silver
  • Pure .999 Fine Silver vs. 90% Junk Silver
  • West Point Mint Straps
  • Signed Audit Tag 
  • Capital Gains Taxes for Gold
  • Capital Gains Taxes for Silver
  • IRS Reporting Requirements for Gold
  • IRS Reporting Requirements for Silver