Perth Mint Gold Bars


The Perth Mint in Australia is renown for producing gold bars of exceptional quality. These 99.99% pure gold bars are IRA-eligible and recognized worldwide as a liquid gold investment.

GoldSilver offers Perth Mint gold bars in varying sizes so investors can buy gold in small or large increments. You can increase your gold exposure by as little as 1 gram all the way up to 10 oz.

For quick authentication and security, each Perth Mint gold bar is sealed in a tamper-evident case with an assay card that displays its purity, specifications, serial number and weight. These are also beautiful bars. The design features the Perth Mint’s widely recognizable swan logo on the front and distinctive hopping kangaroos on the back.

Every Investor Can Afford to Own Gold With Perth Mint Gold Bars.

For investors seeking an affordably way to invest in gold or divisible, fungible investments that offer greater exchangeability, we offer small Perth Mint gold bars that weigh less than 1 oz.

1 gram Perth Mint Gold Bar
(0.0322 troy oz) 
(0.1607 troy oz)
(0.3215 troy oz)
(0.6431 troy oz)

For investors who want to maximize their gold exposure, we offer larger Perth Mint gold bars that have more gold content at lower premiums. 

1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar
One of the most popular gold bars in the world.
10 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar
The most pure gold at the lowest premium.